THE SPIRIT of my CUISINE: light and varied, but most of all very balanced and healthy.

It's a cuisine of well-being!

It will depend on your preferences...and the circumstances!!

" Her cooking is PASSION...Her cooking is EMOTION...Her cooking is PLEASURE! "



For Individuals: Rendez-vous at the market to choose the fresh food you will need for the recipe we have decided to cook together.

Back to your home...and there we hold a 2 to 3 hour-lesson! Within the given time, you will have the choice between learning a specific recipe, or preparing your lunch...that you will then be able to enjoy!


or Businesses: Up to 8 people! The meeting point will be at your workplace. The lesson is usually held between 12 and 2PM. During this time, we will prepare a tasty little lunch that we can then savour together...



Choice of a Plate service or a Buffet option (appetizer, starter, main course, dessert)

Above 20 persons: Organization of a buffet including a minimum of 8 starters, 2 main courses and 3 to 5 desserts.


Special Event Organization: Baptisms, Birthday parties, Mother's day, etc...

Cecile ESTEBAN will take care of everything, from the musical animation to the dressing and decoration of the table! Think about this!


Should you have a stand in an exhibition and you wish to animate it with cooking lessons...once again, think Cecile